Help choose case (Lancool k62, haf 922 or antec 902)

I was planning to keep it simple and buy an Antec 300 case... but have decided I might spend a little more because I'm worried about both space and air flow.

One really annoying thing for me is that I edit video a lot and there's no firewire port on the front of any of these cases. If you know any cases that are as good as these and do have firewire please let me know!

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that matter to me... I'm just wondering what is more important:

Lancool K62
Pros: Tool-less design, all intake fans have dust filters, hole to access cpu heatsink, looks pretty nice
Cons: I don't like windows, no eSata or firewire

Haf 922
Pros: eSata in front, hole to access cpu heatsink, good airflow, a lot of room
Cons: Looks pretty ugly, not all intake fans have dust filters, front dust filter surrounded by 6 screws

Antec 902
Pros: external ata port on front, fan settings on back, all intake fans have dust filters, black inside, stock fans are quite quiet
Cons: no access hole for cpu heatsink, ugly window,

-Intel Core i7 930 (I'd like to overclock this to 4ghz or there abouts if poss)

CPU Cooler
-Coolermaster V8 Cooler RR-UV8-XBU1-GP Fan

-Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Intel X58

Graphics Card:

Power Supply:
-Corsair 650W TX Series PSU

-Corsair 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz

Hard Drive:
-Western Digital 1TB

-Samsung SH-S223 22X
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  1. I just made a similar decision, although I won't receive it till Monday. I can at least tell you how I chose though.

    I personally picked the HAF 922 over the other two. I like the space, and I didn't like how the 902 had the drives facing inward. They are sideways in the 922, which gives much more room. I also need the ability to turn the lights off. I don't want my room lit up by the case lights. Also the cable management is important to me.

    The lancool has most of these pros also, but you listed the cons yourself. I would personally prefer functionality over aesthetics, but again that is my opinion, and I don't think the 922 looks that bad. Also it is $20 cheaper if that matters.
  2. k62 if you want cable management and dust control, antec902 if you want more drives and decent airflow with ok dust control, haf922 for airflow, make your pick. I would pick k62 because I like clean computers
  3. cheers both - I think I might go for the k62. I think you're right that the computer should be clean. I've been using mac for 5 years that's why I think the k62 looks nicer... the 922 doesn't look bad but I don't think I'm used to it!

    nothing under £100 has a firewire port on the front (except the antec 900, but it has too many cons for me)... do you know if there are adapters or case mods I can use to overcome that?
  4. dlthomas said:

    Lancool K62
    Pros: Tool-less design, all intake fans have dust filters, hole to access cpu heatsink, looks pretty nice
    Cons: I don't like windows, no eSata or firewire

    That is why there is the Lancool K58:

    Same thing, no window. If you are set on LED fans you can get better fans with LEDs for the money you saved.

    The Lancool cools very well, has some truly amazing features, and is really made by Lian Li (A true Lian Li case is completely unmatched in build quality and design) and has much of that quality and all of that great design (The Lian Li PC-P50 is the same but with aluminum construction).
  5. wow I totally overlooked the K58 - at £58 is cheaper than the K56!

    I also really like the Coolmaster CM 690 II Advanced case - it looks really nice and seems to do the job well... its on offer from £89.99 to £78.69 at the moment

    What do you think is superior - cm 690 advanced or k58?
  6. definitely the CM 690 2. it has better cooling, and pretty much equal build features and quality.
  7. awesome - it looks a lot nicer too. Thanks very much guys I think I've made my mind up now. For anybody reading this, I found the CM 690 2 even cheaper on pixmania - its £66
  8. your welcome, enjoy the great case!
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