Ati 4650 problem please help

Hello,i bought an Ati Radeon HD 4650 recently,heres my specs
PSU 300Watt
Intel E2220 Dual core 2.40GHZ (no oc)
8500GT ( oc )
320GB hard drive
2GB ram
the problem is that when i pluged the radeon,my pc wouldnt start,no bios no nothing,but the fans were going etc,i removed the graphic card and now my pc dosnt boot also(was scared to death i tought i fried everything up)but a friend told me to remove one stick of ram to test,then i did and the pc ran ( with no HD 4650) then i pluged second stick and now it works also 2GB ram everything works,then i plugged my HD 4650 ( this time it gave a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep until i shut the pc off) i remove one stick and let the HD 4650 and the pc run with the 4650 and it show up in device manager etc,what is the problem?My friend have a 250W Psu and he run it fine ! ( same graphic card ),i bought this card because it use little power,ppl ran this card on 300W and 250 W,and in psu calculator i see my system with HD 4650 and everything needs only 200W in power,i really need help,what's wrong?
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  1. so it works fine with 1GB ram but it wont boot with 2GB? Is this an emachines by any chance?

    You just may have a bad card, do you still have the receipt to make an exchange?
  2. It may simply be a configuration error. With the graphics card NOT plugged in, boot into your system's bios. I'm assuming your motherboard has integrated graphics and this is what your machine will default to. Depending on how your bios is setup the menus will vary. Try to find an option for graphics and choose the primary graphics card as the one that is plugged into your PCIE port, rather than the onboard graphics. Exit and shut off your computer. Plug Radeon back into PCIE slot and restart computer. This might work. You may have a bad card but I'd really exhaust every option before you assume the card is bad.
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