Installed new MB, CPU, and Hardrive/now having windows issues

I installed Intel D865GSAL MB and 3.0 P-D processor, and a new hardrive. i loaded windows XP on it. things SEEM to be running fine except when i try to do updates or running Internet explorer. i can go direct to microsoft using firefox and download IE 8. i have the disc for Service pack 3 so i installed that as well. i have not loaded any other software. but when i try to use IE, it says an error has occurred and it shuts it down. i even reformatted and reloaded again to see if maybe a file was corrupt. but still the same thing. i am stumped on this. Does anyone know whats causing the microsoft issues? would the BIOS cause this if I am needing to upgrade the BIOS? (which i have never done before)
The BIOS listed on my board is SA86510A.86A.1024.2006.504.1017. there is a newer one but i dont want to do this if this isnt the issue. PLEASE help unboggle my mind. I need a solution. UGH!

Thanks, Debbie
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  1. Is the only issue that IE shutsdown. Nothing else?
  2. it is IE and sometimes Firefox. except it wont let me do updates in Windows. i have to manually download any other software that is related to Microsoft. VERY weird. i DID flash the BIOS and there was no change. so I am baffled as to what may be causing this. my internet connection seems stable with no issues. :p
  3. Well after much thought...i decided to replace the new MB with another new MB and walah..problems fixed. new board going back to seller. Strange but that was the issue.
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