Keep my E6750 or go Quad

Hello. I just had a question of whether or not to upgrade my E6750 to a quad core.

The E6750 seems to be holding its place and still quite powerful enough to support demanding apps. And tends to be fast enough for me. Especially games that don’t much require past 2.66GHz. Unless huge projects like HD come into play.

I am going into college soon and will be doing a lot of video editing as that is my career of choice. As well as some video games on the side. Is my E6750 well enough to handle the job? As it always has since I have gotten it. Otherwise I didn’t see much improvement between dual and quad in reviews.
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  1. Even the LGA 775 Quads will soon be extinct. So any build which you do now based on them, you won't be able to upgrade in the future.
    My suggestion would be to stick with the E6750 as long as you can, then go for a complete system upgrade (mobo-cpu-ram-etc) as & when the time comes.
    You could try overclocking your e6750 to meet the requirements.
    What editing apps will you run? And which games?
  2. Sony Vegas 7 & 9 Pro. Which i have right now. But i expect to be using Adobe Premiere also and After Effects.

    Otherwise the usual games you see. Crysis, COD, Mass Effect, etc.

    I'm running on a HD 5770
  3. Well then you should definitely see big performance boosts if you upgrade to a latest quadcore or hexacore.

    Seeing that you have chosen video editing as your life's calling, it does make sense for you to upgrade to a whole new platform as soon as possible. Because somewhere down the line, you will have to do so, so why not now? In a few months, Intel should be debuting it's Sandy Bridge, while AMD comes out with Bulldozer next year. It might be worthwhile for you to wait till then.
  4. to much hype around the newest equipment
    unless you go full on 1366 find a good price on a 9550 or
    9505 you'll be laughing they are great CPUs

    I5 not really worth the whole upgrade although better not by a margin
    you might expect for video editing I7 on the other hand is a pretty big step
  5. I'm not excited for AMD. I've always choosen Intel as they seam to handle larger jobs better. But I'll be most likely waiting till Intrl comes out with their next line.

    If only motorla was still making CPUs. They were fast.
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