How do I test my hard drive from BIOS?


I am trying to install a Hitachi Deskstar 16 head 250 GB HDD in a Dell Dimension 2400 CPU. When I put the jumpers in master, I get a blue screen that says "Check that your drive is properly configured and terminated and to run a test to see if the drive is corrupted. Can I run a test on it in the BIOS and if so, how do I do that?


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  1. usually there is not a testing feature in the bios for equipment. some models of IDE hard disk drives have 3 jumper modes. Master, Slave, or Single. if it is the only drive on the cable, set it to single. The hard disk that you mentioned however is a SATA drive so there should not be any jumpers on it for master/slave. I know if you boot off of an Ubuntu or Fedora liveCD you can run tests to check the status and health of the hard disk.
  2. Interesting as I thought the Dell 2400's only supported IDE (PATA) drives.
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