Biostar HD4850 wont drop frequencies

I got this weird issue with my friends videocard which is 1Gb version of HD4850 made by biostar. It doesn't drop clocks in idle... always stays at 625Mhz/core and 1000Mhz/memory. I've tried to reinstall the driver - same thing. Any thoughts? here is PC's specs:

CPU: Athlon II x4 620
MoBo: ASRock M3A785GMH/128M
RAM: 4Gb (2x2gb) GSkill Ripjaws ddr3 1333
HDD: 1tb Hitachi 7200
VGA: Biostar 1gb radeon HD4850
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  1. Are you having any other problems with it? If it's not running loud and hot, then I probably wouldn't worry about it. Could be the motherboard doesn't work that way. Have you gone into the Power Save Options in your control panel?
  2. There is no other problems with it. Whole system works fine. Even with these clocks GPU idles at ~ 40C. I have tested GPU with OCCT stress test - no errors or something suspicious. What concerns me is expected power consumption. At these clocks it should be significantly higher than it suppose to be. And i did not go into Power Save Options. What exactly should i change there?
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    The card's ability to downclock is not controlled by the motherboard, it's controlled within the card's BIOS.

    It's entirely possible the card has an incorrect setting within it's BIOS. It could be a matter of it's P-States being set so as anything even remotely graphics-related, like Windows Aero, won't allow it to downclock. It could also be set to only operate at it's maximum clocks and voltage, with no other P-States programmed at all.

    Contact Biostar and tell them it refuses to downclock while there is no 3D load and see what they have to say. Whether or not Biostar will provide you with another copy of the BIOS so you can self-flash it or if you'll have to send it to them so they can do it is entirely at their discretion.
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