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Building a new computer. Have built 3-4 systems in the past. This is the first time building a system where the MB has no built-in video.

System is an 890FXA-UD5 MB with an AMD Phenom II x2 555 proc.

I put the system together and tried starting it up with a GeForce 7600GT PCI-E card. The fans run and MB lights come on, but I get no video and no beeps from the MB.

I then switched out the video card with a Radeon 4850 from my current system (and used the same cable and monitor from my working system to ensure they weren't the problem), and still no video or beeps.

Is there something I need to do on the board or something to get the video activated?

Thanks for help!
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. Even the most seasoned computer builder can sometimes overlook something. To ensure you've covered all the basics, please work through our standard troubleshooting checklist, by following the link in my signature.

    If the checklist proves no help, continue your diagnosing by doing a breadboard. To accomplish this, follow jsc's guide (there is a link in the troubleshooting guide).

    If still no success, post back here for more suggestions.
  2. Thanks! First thing on the list was the culprit -- forgot to connect the CPU power connector in.

    Before I get to far, I do have another question. The MB has a spot to connect power for a North Bridge fan. There isn't a fan on this MB, so do I need a fan?

    At first, I was thinking I don't need one since one wasn't supplied, but now I'm not so sure and want to make sure.

  3. Although there is room for it, a fan isn't necessary, unless you plan to overclock. If you're not going to overclock then just make sure you have adequate air flow. If you will overclock, install a fan before overclocking.
  4. Does your motherboard have an onboard speaker? If not, either it or your case probably came with one you can attach to the 4-pin PC speaker plug on your motherboard. You really should hear a beep when the computer turns on. If you don't hear a beep, then the problem is a lot more severe than no video.

    Try turning it on with the reset CMOS jumper off (or on, depending on how you look at it). You can remove the CMOS battery too to be sure. And while you're at it--unplug the PSU and try to turn the system on to drain the last of the power. If you get no beep from the motherboard now (try reversing the PC speaker if you plugged one in, then...) then it's one of three things:
    1) Your RAM is broken, dead, can't run at currently set speeds, or more likely is not seated properly.
    2) Your CPU is broked. Is the 4-pin ATX 12V plugged into the CPU socket?
    3) Your motherboard is DOA, has a bad bios, or has some really terrible default settings.

    If there is anything else it could be to keep it from beeping, I can't think of it. Because if it were the PSU it wouldn't turn on. If it was the DVD, Hard Drive, or Video, it would still beep. Is your case really ugly? Nevermind, it's not the case. Lemme know if this helps.
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