Eyefinity, DP>VGA monitor won't wake back up and more!

Well I finally got my eyefinity setup going but with some problems...

First off. the middle (primary) monitor won't turn back on after sleeping. I remember reading this somewhere but can't find an article to aid in fixing it. I suppose I could never let them sleep and turn them off manually but I have them in portrait and the buttons are tucked behind the bezels. Is there maybe some work around that I don't know about?

The other problem i'm having is that whenever I restart my computer, either it will forget about eyefinity and go back to normal extaneded disaplays or the primary (DP>VGA) monitor will have a display port link failure. Then I have to go through this long process of trying to get it to work again...
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  1. Well I didn't find a solution but I did find something that requires MUCH less time than before.

    When the monitor turns off and won't come back on. Open up CCC and go properties of grouped displays. Change the resolution to next lowest. By now (for me) it should turn back on. Then just put it back to your original resolution.

    It work for now. If anybody has a better option, please share!
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