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Hello, everyone.
I came to korea recently and bought an XL2370 here (wow, who woulda thought it'd be more expensive here than back home (US), whats that about?)
Anyway, the menu is in Korean, and I cant figure out how to calibrate the lovely new monitor (except brightness). Is there someone who knows how to change it? Is it possible?
Seems quicker than learning the hangul language..

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  1. I've got an XL2370. I assume you want the language menu? I'll be back in a sec.
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    Note: When I say "press button x times", I am assuming you are starting at the top of each menu.

    1.) Press Menu (to enter the on-screen Menu).

    2.) Press Up arrow Twice. This should get you to the setup menu which has the image of a gear next to it.

    3.) Press 'Enter' button (the one to the left of the Auto button).

    4.) Press Down arrow Twice (again, assume starting at top).

    5.) Press 'Enter' (next to Auto)

    6.) This should bring up a language list (in correct language). Hopefully English is on there. If so, move to it and press 'Enter'.
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  4. that is amazing. I can set my screen up now!
    Thanks both of you :)
  5. Same person (double post). Glad I could help.
  6. By the by, pretty amazing monitor, no?
    Have you found any setting changes to be particularily helpful?
  7. Yeah, I love it.

    Settings though, hard to say. I don't remember what all I did. I do remember I turned off Dynamic Contrast since I didn't really care for that. Otherwise, there are several 'auto' settings you can try, and a few Gamma settings. A lot is personal preference, so I think you'll just have to experiment. Also, don't forget to calibrate you color in Windows as well.
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