Temperture problem

at default fan speed ie 25% idle temperature 70 and load over 80 .. at fan sped -= 90% idle temp = 56 and load temprature between 75 to 80..

is it ok or any suggestion to decrease the temprature ???
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  1. Could you post a picture of your case (open) as well as provide your CPU and Graphics card?
  2. those temps are fine
  3. We don't even know the card ct..it could be a HD4890...it could be an HD4650...
  4. even a 9400GT or 4350 is fine at 80c load temps, the passive ones will even get hotter

    having someone screw around with a component that works is more dangerous to the PC then a GPU that runs a tad warm
  5. Still, could easily ask him to move around wires/fans in his case to maximize air flow and ventilation. My HD4650 OC'd 10% hits 75 after gaming for 4 hours in a slim case (mind you the card isn't slim itself).
  6. Cranking the fan speed up too high could reduce the life of the fan. What card is it?
  7. itz zotac 8800 gt 512 mb
  8. Yep. Those temps are fine.
  9. the 8800GT will hit 80c on load,its a normal temp. My Asus 9800GT (8800GT re-named) had the exact same temps.
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