Is my motherboard toast or need new power supply?

My desktop computer recently stopped booting up. The computer powers up when I press the power button, fans, lights, etc. all turn on, but no video and the red light just stays on. However I get no beeps whatsoever and the computer just sits there running. I am not able to power down the computer when holding down the power button for like 5 seconds and the only way to shut it down is to use the button on the back on power supply. When I just press the power button each time, I get a flash of the green light and a funny beep.

I cleared the CMOS and took out both sticks of RAM to see what happens. Even with no RAM installed I get no beeps, but just the computer sitting there idle with red light on.

So do you guys think it's my motherboard that is toast (since there is no beep even with no RAM installed) or has my power supply gone bad? This is a system I built with AMD 939 socket using MSI NEo2 Platnium board and overclocked Athlon 64 X2 3000+ CPU using a Thermaltake W0009 420-Watt Power Supply. Up to this point I've had no issues whatsoever, but just the other day it started acting up this way. Yesterday after powering it up and let it sit there for a few minutes with the red light on I pressed the power button once and to my surprise the system booted and everything worked. But after leaving it on for like 3-4 hours and then coming back to check on it the computer had once again gone dead with no video on the monitor and just the red light on.

Any help?
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  1. Without testing your PSU in another system or a different PSU in yours it is hard to tell whether it is the PSU or the motherboard!
  2. I just went through a similar issue with my AMD 939pin Athlon 3000+ Barton.
    My case was a processor death and I suspect the same in your case. There was no RAM/ Video warning sounds either in my case.

    Test Method: Switch on the system and touch the heatsink to verify if the processor heats up.
    If not warming up, you can almost make sure your processor is the toast.!! :(
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