BSOD BCCode 50 and 1a Win 7


About a week ago I upgraded to a new system I built. After getting everything up and running, I have had nothing by frustrating bsod's time and again. For the most part, I get bccode 50, but I've also received bccode 1a. It generally happens about 2-5 minutes after I boot. Here are my specs:

Corsair 850TX Power Supply
AMD Phenom II X4 965
MB Asus M4A77TD
EVGA GeForce GTX470
Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer
Win 7 64bit installed on 30GB OCZ SSD
and a 1TB HD

I have reformatted twice now and still keep getting the same problems. I just want to know if I possibly have some sort of bad hardware so I can get it exchanged. Let me know what else you may need from me.

Thanks so much!
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  1. My guess is bad RAM. DL and run memtest. Also check if voltages in BIOS are correct for your RAM.

    Bccode 50 is usually hardware, specifically RAM related.

    Should also read
  2. Okay, so here's the deal...

    I ran a memtest. Stopped it after 3 hours and over 100,000 errors. So, I took some ram out and got errors on the first two sticks, in the first slot. Then I tried the third and the test actually froze. I couldn't esc it. So then I thought maybe slot 1 was bad and that maybe the ram was okay. Is this possible? Can ram fail from a bad mobo when the ram is actually fine? I'll try running the test on a bad ram in a different slot and see what happens.
  3. Slot's either work or don't work. They won't half work, unless there are bent pins involved. It'd be nice if you link us the RAM you have, and make sure voltages are correct for it in the BIOS.

    At this point it's either bad voltages, or more likely, bad RAM. A bad MOBO memory slot is a very unlikely third. Still run memtest with 1 stick of ram on another slot and see.
  4. I'm using G.Skill--DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 2048MB X4.


    And the third stick passed okay in a different slot. It didn't fail in slot 1, this is the one that froze in slot 1. I'll let you know how a failed stick tests on a different slot.

    Thanks! :)
  5. Also, the memory's "over voltage" was set to auto. I know I need these puppies set to 1.5 v, so do I switch this from auto to 1.5 in BIOS?
  6. Okay, so I took a mem stick that failed in slot 1 and put it in a different slot. It passed. What could this mean?
  7. breakfast said:
    Also, the memory's "over voltage" was set to auto. I know I need these puppies set to 1.5 v, so do I switch this from auto to 1.5 in BIOS?

    Yes to that.

    You didn't happen to manually set timings for slot 1 RAM did you?

    Here's what you should try. Populate slots 2 and 4 in dual channel mode and do a memtest run, at least 8 passes.

    If there are no errors still, then oddly we have a MOBO issue.

    A previous thread had a similar issue but with a Asus P6X58D Premium board. Give this a look and see if it's a similar issue.

    I meant to try your advice but after reading some other forums I saw that a bent CPU pin is often the cause of this... so I got a little over eager :)

    I look at the board really closely with a flashlight and sure enough a pin was bent out of place. I used a needle to put it back in line and everything's groovy now in the A1,B1,C1 slots and I get all 6 gigs recognized at 1600 mhz :)

  8. Alright guys,

    So, here's the latest update. I returned the MOBO, thinking everything that was wrong pointed to it being bad. Yesterday I installed the new one, same exact one. First thing, did a full memtest. No errors. Passed with flying colors. Then, today, I suddenly get another BSOD. So, I do another memtest. While yesterday everything passed, today it seems like everything is failing. I'm 15 min. into the test and have over 50,000 errors. These weren't there yesterday with the brand new MOBO. This is pretty darn frustrating, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
  9. Did you even bother reading my last post?

    1 pass in memtest is meaningless. You need to do at least 8, preferable 10 or 12 passes.

    If your RAM has 50,000 errors in 15 min on multiple MOBO's then it's obviously bad RAM.
  10. Yes, I read your last post. Sorry, I had to act fast because the time I had to return the mobo was about over. I am in the process of getting new RAM, but now I have another problem.

    During the last memtest, my screen suddenly went blank and wouldn't respond to anything. So I turned off the machine and when I turned it back on, the only thing that seems to work are the fans. No video, no power to the mouse or keyboard and the DVD drive (while it does have a green light) won't open. I tried a different vid card and had the same outcome. Could we be looking at a power supply issue? I mean, why would the machine suddenly die mid memtest?
  11. We can't help you much more as that post is exactly what we do to diagnose an issue. Only difference is that most of us have spare parts lying around so we can do all the testing in a few hrs.

    And get new RAM already. It's had tons of errors pop up, and is obviously bad. Dead RAM=NO POST.
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