Drivers and in which order?

Going to format my computer now.

My speccs are:
MSI p35 neo
Intel q6600 2,4 ghz
4 gig RAM

DWA 547

Windows Vista Premium 32bit

So, I know i could google and get it right, but I wanna know for sure about the Drivers.

Which drivers do I need and where do i get them? Do I need new BIOS?

And in which order should I install everything?

And is it safe to use internet WITHOUT antivirus, to download antivirus? avast or something.

All help is very much appreciated!

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  1. Quote:
    Install your motherboards chipset drivers (the whole package) from the cd that came with the motherboard. Their is probably an application on the cd to update those drivers as well via the internet.

    Install your windows updates (through Windows Start menu)

    Install your anti-virus software and updates (from cd)

    Install your video drivers for Vista 32bit(

    You don't need bios update

    Okay, well, I wanted to have the absolute latest drivers, so i went to to get my motherboard drivers.

    My card is an intel p35 neo,

    but, there are like 4 drivers there, I figured I needed the one at the bottom and the one at the top (chipset and sound)
    But what are those in the middle and for what do I need them?

    Also, when Vista was installed it said at the welcome screen, standard VGA graphics card (the built in one)

    But when restarting it said 8800 GTX, and I havent manually installed graphics drivers yet, is it so that Vista auto updates graphics drivers? Can you trust that it is the latest if thats the case?
  2. don't get Avast. use Comodo internet security suite. much more efficient, and free.
  3. pat said:
    don't get Avast. use Comodo internet security suite. much more efficient, and free.

    Avast is free =)
  4. Comodo did release a newer version lately. The one tested by Maximum PC was the older one. I had it too, was good but had room to improve. The current one is much more better as tested by Matousec.

    Sure, the hips can be intrusive at first, but once it knows most of your current application, it just sit there watching. The firewall is top notch and the antivirus just prove efficient on my computer when I plug contaminated storage devices for customers that want me to clean their system.

    Sure enough, on more contaminated stuff, nothing beats the safety of a virtual machine with USB storage adaptor for IDE and SATA HDD...
  5. Quote:
    You need all of them. That's why I said to install them from the cd. Then install MSI live update to update them when your done.

    Usually there's a 'package' install, but if not you have to install them all 1 by one. You can also install MSI live update from the utilities tab on that page you linked.

    Yes Vista recognized your card and installed drivers for it. Are they the latest drivers? Probably not, so you will still need to go to and download the latest for your OS.

    As far as commodo or avast or AVG. You get what you pay for with FREE anti-virus.

    I'd stay away from Commodo or Avast, Maximum PC ranked Commodo 6 out of 10 and Avast 5 out of 10, and those were the PAID versions that go for $60 for 3 pc license.

    Eset Smart security 4 was ranked 9 out of 10.

    I recommend AVG Internet Security 2010. I paid $20 for 2 years from either Newegg or I also recommend you install malwarebytes, it's free.

    Okay, getting the hang of it.

    One problem, the LAN driver, second one from top.
    Doesnt really have install files?

    The others did but these has some other kinds of files which I have no idea what to do with?

    please help? :ange:
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