Antec quattro 1000 vs corsair tx850

i have a new gaming system:
cpu: phenom II 945
mobo: m4a79 deluxe
ddr2: 4gb kingston HX pc8500
video: 2 x asus 5850 in crossfire
case: coolermaster haf 922
and some fans :D

the problem is i have a xilence 700 psu and its to crapy to run my setup the 12v drops to 11.5 and it crashes my system
so i desited to get a new psu and i found these 2:

antec quattro 1000
4 12v rails 25a each

corsair tx850
1 12v rail 70a

i may be upgrading in the future to like 3 5850 :D :D
and i also need som room for overclocking enz ;)
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  1. so witch one should i get???
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