Newer graphics card or add a second card?

Hello everyone. I have a

Phenom 2 x4 3.2GHZ OC to 3.5GHZ
4GB of DDR2 1066 ram
X-FI sound card
500GB hard drive
850 Watt Power Supply

The problem I am having is I am running 1920 x 1080 rez and certain games like BF:BC 2 the single 275GTX struggles to maintain a good frame rate. I would like to get 60fps+ all the time. Would it be better for me to buy another 275GTX and run them SLI. Or invest in a newer card like the 480GTX or ATI 5870? I am looking for what ever will give me the best framerate.
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  1. dual 275 should have more muscle then the 480 or 5870, but you have to keep in mind your limiting yourself to dx 11 that route
  2. Grab an HD5870 now, and Crossfire another later. I wouldn't trust your PSU with 2x GTX480.
  3. Buying a new card will be the better option, sli features are cool only when game can totally utilize dual gpu provided you also need latest graphics drivers and make sure you drivers specifically mention performance during gameplay.
  4. If you think your 275 isn't keeping up with new games then get yourself a HD5850 or better card(depending on budget).

    275is kinda overpriced anyways.
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