5850 or 5870 or gtx 470

hi there : )
i recently sold my gtx 295 and have 400 cdn and is wondering should i get a 5850 vapor x editiion for 340 cdn or save some cash for a stock 5870 or for 430-450 or a gtx 470 because my mobo does not support xfire

plays games at 1920x1080

q9550 3.8
790i ftw
swasonic 850w
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  1. Get the HD5850 vapor-X edition, and overclock it heavily. You'll get better than GTX470/HD5870 performance.
  2. i already have 2 5850s in my comp this is my bros comp and mine has an oc cap and was wondering will the vapor x or a 5870 have a oc cap im runnin 2 powercolor 5850s
  3. You can get rid of the OC cap by using a third part OC'ing tool, such as RivaTuner.
  4. ok thank you for all your help
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