Questions about Antec 750W truepower PSU.

So I recently bought a antec truepower 750w psu for my new computer I am building for school. Had a couple questions about electrical stuffs. I live in an older house and was wondering if a 20amp breaker would be enough to run my new rig, my 24" vizio HDTV, my xbox360, my wii, and my friends ps3? Should I have someone come in a rewire or sumthing and put in a 25amp+ breaker on the slot to where my rig and all that will be? Would it be possible to get a surge protector that would maybe lower all that usage to below 20 amps or would be best to just get a new breaker/wiring to that electrical outlet. also, suggestions on a surge protector for this rig.

CPU:i7-930 2.8ghz
GPU: gigabyte hd 5870 1gb
RAM: 6gb 3X2gb sticks 1333 DDR3
OS: windows 7 64-bit OEM
Mobo: gigabyte x58 i7 compatible
HDD: 1tb WD caviar Sata HDD
PSU: Antec Truepower 750W

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You going to be running an Xbox, a Wii and your computer simultaneously ?
    That's some serious multi-tasking.
    A surge protector won't lower the load.
    Your computer will use around 3 amps AC under load, upto around 4a if you overclock, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  2. Well, not at same time lol! But a 20 amp breaker is enough to hold that rig? non oc'd.
  3. DO NOT PUT A LARGER BREAKER IN THE PANEL!!!! The wires in the wall are not properly sized for over the 20A breaker. Fire is the biggest risk. If you can afford it, the ideal is to put your system on a separate 20A circuit. A good UPS properly sized to the system will also often include some form of line conditioning (I have used APC products for many years, check out their site for more info. on what they can do).
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