Yellow or red line for floppy drive

Trying to make a simple robot out of a floppy drive. Do we connect a 12 volt battery pack to the yellow and black lines of a berg connector, or do we connect a 5V battery pack to the red and black lines of the berg connector?
We just want to power the stepper motor. The 'recipe' came from an article in PC Mag, but no mention of the voltage.
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  1. You can prolly get some fun out of a std 9V (square) battery, like the ones in smoke alarms ... should be within tolerance.

    RadioShack also sells "D" & "C" cell battery carrier assembys, for various voltage-out configurations.

    12Volts might smoke it.

    = Al =

    = Al =
  2. A 6V gell-cell (motorcycle batt) or a 6V lantern batt make pretty good PSUs too.

    = Al =
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