Heatsink Won't Fit into Socket?

I'm building my first PC, and I was trying to install the heatsink onto the CPU.

I'm using an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition processor with an AMD retail heatsink. The heatsink is a clip-on one, but it doesn't seem to fit. I've secured one side of the latch to the AMD AM3 Socket, but the other latch, the one with the lever, is several milimeters short of fitting onto the socket.

Should I try applying more force? I've read several guides saying it might require quite a bit of force, but I'm scared of damaging the CPU/Heatsink/Motherboard.
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  1. Make sure the lever is in the unlocked position

    Make sure the heatsink is 'lined up' correctly or you wont be able to secure the lever

    Try first hooking the side with the lever in, then the other side.

    Try pushing the top of the 'see-saw' between the clip and lever up slightly on the side that is secured to allow you to push the other side down towards the tabs

    If you have to force it you're doing it wrong...
  2. I haven't actually installed a stock heatsink for some time, but aftermarket heatsinks for the am2+ and AM3 sockets usually require a massive amount of force to install.
    pretty much the only thing that keeps them in place is the downward force against the chip. maybe the stock ones use a more effective latch though, so i couldn't say for sure. but the chip can take a fair bit of pressure.
  3. Actually, here's a thread with a lot of good answers. I could try and make it sound like I know what I'm doing, but that wouldn't exactly be honest, haha. What I read there helped me tremendously, and I hope it does the same for you.


    - Welsh
  4. Put the lever both at the same time this would lock it
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