Vertex 2 hangs BIOS after merging two partions on SSD

Hello! I have been the owner of a Vertex 2 120 GB for a year now and everything was perfect. I am using Windows 7 on the SSD (AHCI mode); my computer has also a 1 TB hard disk. Last week I created a second partiion on SSD and installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview (dual-boot with Windows 7). After few days I decided to stay with Win7 , so I format the 2nd partition and merge it with the first (using Paragon Partition Manager). The operation completed successfully, however, after restarting, the BIOS hangs at:

Controller Bus#0, Device#1F, Function#02: 06 Ports, 02 Devices

(although there are 3: the SSD, the HDD and the DVD-RW)

If I remove the other two devices and try only the SSD, I get

Port-00: No device Detected.

Without the SSD connected, the computer boots from the HDD. If I plug the SSD while the operating system is running from the HDD (I also have Windows installed on it), the drive is recognized and shown in Windows Explorer. I tried flashing the firmware on SSD from this Windows and succeeded, but still no change. The SSD light is green, I reseted the CMOS by removing the battery on mainboard, I reseted the BIOS to the default settings...nothing works!

Then I changed in BIOS from AHCI to IDE mode and I can boot now from SSD! However, Paragon Partion Manager shows me this:

"Invalid Partition - Unknown : Paragon Hard Disk Manager™ has discovered problems with this partition. It must have been caused by an incorrect geometry. In order to resolve the issue, please collect LOG-files and send them to our Support Team

Howevere, Disk Management in Windows shows no error, so..... But how do I get back to AHCI? I tried to activate it again and the SSD hasn't been recognized again...

Do I have to Secure Erase the drive using OCZ Toolbox and reinstall Windows? If I change back to AHCI in BIOS after Secure Erase, will the SSD be recognized???

Thank you!
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  1. avoid using Paragon Partition Manager. You should do the secure erase and then you can create new partitions either during the windows 7 or windows 8 installation process.
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