800$ first time builder help!

I installed everything correctly to my knowledge. On start up everything seems to run power wise, and the green led light comes on the mother board. But nothing on the screen. I attempted this because reading it looked simple and I have changed hardware before. Here is what I bought.

Motherboard: asus p5n-d socket 775

Ram: ocz technology ddr2 dual channel kit. 2 sticks@ 2g each

Case: cooler master chassis cm 690 socket 775

CPU: Intel core 2 quad processor freq:2.66gh core: 45nm fsb:1333mhz l2 cache 6 mb pcg:05a socket lga775

Power: ultra 750 watt atx

Graphics card: geforce 9500 gt pci-e 2.0 1gb ddr2

Hard drive: Sata wd caviar green 1 tb

Dvd Drive: sata

I am wondering if maybe something is not compatable here??? I read a lot and sure thought I did everthing correct??? The only thing is the case did not come with enough brass pins to screw in the motherboard??? I have them all in the correct spots under the motherboard, but there wasn't enough to screw in on top of the motherboard. Would this cause it not to boot? I am a newbie that probly should not have attempted this, but I love computers and wanted to learn how!!!! Is there a place I could call or take a home build into? Or is there someone in the metro detroit area that would be willing to help me for a cost???????????
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    You should have enough screws for all the standoffs. Just follow MOBO directions and make sure you're not using too many standoffs or have them in wrong spots. Ie, you're not putting standoffs in the micro atx or extended atx positions.
  2. Quote:
    Did you plug in the CPU 4/8 pin?
    Is the video cord correctly attached?

    By the standoffs not enough, do you mean there are holes that are not screwed in on the topside?

    there was standoffs only enough for underneath. The motherboard did not come with screws for the top. I have it matching the holes on the motherboard perfectly. I took the extra standoffs and used them as screws.
    I have done all the firt time builder trouble shooting!!! step by step, ... Still nothing. never no beeps ... the on board sound is pluged in... I have talked to asus and they think its the mother board.. I am just soooo frustrated
  3. What is the cpu 4/8 pin? I correctly placed cpu by matching the arrows and then put the cpu fan on top? The cpu fan is pluged in. Am I missing something with cpu 4/8 pin?????? I hope I am!!!!
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