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Im relatively new to building computers, and i was wondering how much performance do you actually gain by using an SSD for gaming, i know that there is large gains using SSD's to run your OS, but as for gaming ive been told that the performance gains are not really worth using it and the traditional HHD will work fine.

Other advice which would be appreciated is what type of applications gain the most preformance on SSD's.

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  1. SSD's only loads things faster. Which is great for Operating Systems, such as boot times, opening files and folders, and programs, everything will benefit from an SSD. An SSD will not increase performance of a game such as frames per second, it will only load levels faster.
  2. What about MMOS or large open world games? Some games constantly call the harddrive to load different parts of the map? Arma 2 or Skyrim comes to mind. Wouldn't an SSD help?
  3. Yes, it will help load parts of the maps faster, if it has been set that way or pre-load the entire map (not as large scale in some games) by the developer.
  4. Unless you are paging, then an SSD does not affect FPS. When you load a game, it resides in your RAM. However your SSD will load everything much faster, and if a game calls for parts of maps to load during gaming then it will help but that is not FPS, its a different issue.
  5. Im planning on getting a 128GB SSD, and wanted to make the most use out of it, i only do light multimedia (video editting/PS) which i wouldnt consider warrents the need for such a size, besides the OS what other practical uses can i use the SSD for. Im heavly gaming focused, watch alot of media content on my computer and generally have 5+ tabs open in my brower, Any suggestions for other uses which i could use my SSD for?
  6. It's intended to be fast, that's primarily it. In a laptop, it would save battery life.
  7. 128Gb is not that big after you loaded OS, all your program and a few games. Thats about all it will fit on to it, you want to leave some room for wear leveling and other SSD stuff.
  8. Even in mmos, it's only the loading screens that will be faster. Like when you're switching zones.
    Once you're in a zone it won't make a difference, games don't work that way.

    Also, if you alt-tab a bunch, sometimes SSD may be faster to switch out and back (depending on specific usage)
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