3d vision with 60hz crt monitors

i'm using crt monitor with 60hz r r. and i have a nvidia geforce 9400 gt graphics card with a driver software 197.13 Can i enable the nvidia 3dvision at my current configuration. Also, how much does a 3d glass cost?
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  1. No. I'm not even sure 3d works with CRT monitors.
  2. I think you need 120Hz monitors for 3D Vision, and a pair of nVidia 3D Vision glasses cost $199USD.
  3. Can it handle the scan lines from CRT monitors though?
  4. Hi - I've just bought a used (hence f'ing cheap) CRT HDtv; and I was hoping to get on the 3D bangwagon.

    Yes in theory you could make use of the scan lines to spoof a fairly decent 60hz 3D effect - I'm just trying to find out wether or not an active shutter glasses pair that would support 60hz exists.

    I can't believe you can't hack normal 120hz glasses to go down to half the rate. I'm also certain this has existed over a decade ago.
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