Can I use a phenom II x4 on a nForce 790i?

I'm building a new rig in a few weeks and i'm wondering if I can use a phenom II x4 on the nForce 790i? Sorry if this is a stupid question and all, but is there a difference from core 2 quad and phenom II x4? The phenoms just seem to be a lot cheaper... Thanks...
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  1. The highend Core 2 Quads are a tad faster clock for clock but for the cost of them it is not worth building a core 2 system. Go for the Phenom II X4 or and I5 750 if you are an Intel fan.

    And no you can not use an AMD CPU on an Intel based board.
  2. Thanks. But a Intel Phenom II x4 will fit in the nForce 790i though right?

    TY for the update on compatibility update.

    The AMD boards there will work with the phenoms II x4 thought right?
  3. Intel does not make the Phenom II AMD does.

    This is the CPU Support list for your motherboard.
    Pentium D
    Pentium 4
    Penryn (Yorkfield)
    Penryn (Wolfdale)
    Core 2 Quad
    Core 2 Extreme
    Core 2 Duo
  4. Why nForce 790i, you need onboard video? Get one with AMD chipset, they're better.
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