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Ok I can get my laptop to boot from cd but it says no hard drive to install to.I went to bios and ran self test and got a #1-07 fail.I know my hard drive works becouse it runs vista on it.
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  1. you either need to install the sata drivers by pressing f6 and using a floppy disk with the drivers on them, slipstream the drivers into an XP install cd, or go into the bios and see if you can put the drive into IDE mode.

    This is assuming the drive is not listed during the installation where you would need to delete the partion and do a full format on it.

    As always a backup of any data you might need is recommended beforehand.
  2. I have phoenixbios and there is no option for ide mode and yes during installation.
  3. It appears you will be googling for instructions on how to slipstream drivers then.
    its not a bad process to learn. its just long.
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