Sound card for acer aspire one

I was cleaning out some unused programs in my computer a couple of days ago. I think i might have deleted my audio card hardware by accident because now my speakers or volume wont work. Help?
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  1. is reinstalling not an option? the drivers should be on acers website right?
  2. Im not sure, im not too briliant with computers
  3. You don't need to be brilliant. You could be as dumb as an Apple store genius & figure out the solution.

    I think i might have deleted my audio card hardware by accident

    You mean you deleted the audio drivers, since you cannot "delete" hardware.
    Go to the manufacturer's website & download the appropriate driver for you model.
  4. That wasn't very nice and if your as bad-ass as you think, then why are you spending your time on a website like this? Thats right. Shut up and find a real hobby
  5. But thank you for the help, next time you dont need to include the attitude.
  6. I seem to have plucked a nerve :D
    I was not referring to you in particular. Only saying that anyone absolutely dumb (which could be even me) could solve that problem. You don't need a great deal of technical knowledge for that (in fact you don't need any). I said you could be dumb, did not imply that you are.
    But obviously you've mis-read that & got agitated. So here goes - Sorry but I didn't mean to offend you.
  7. try and get the sound card/chipset vendor name, download Astra32 or similar to help you out
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