Mouse/keyboard slot on p8p67 delux

I was just wondering why on the pro version there are 2 seperate slots whereas on the deluxe theres one for both
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  1. ANS 2 More USB ports. I assume you're speaking of the PS/2 ports, most keyboard and mice are built off the USB verses the PS/2. Building I always use only the PS/2 keyboard and never the mouse, I realize that the PS/2 almost never fail whereas the USB can and do sometimes fail. So my best assumption is give people what they want and people often wrongly so make purchasing decisions on the number of USB ports. :??:

    ASUS P8P67 Deluxe

    ASUS P8P67 Pro
  2. Thanks a lot i'm sorry i didnt use the correct term ps/2 but im very new to making pc's. I'm going for the deluxe but is there a ps/2 port add on you can buy or something like that?
  3. Yes, but they are very problematic and I would't recommend it.

    Q - What's the draw over the Deluxe vs Pro {I get the Dual LAN and Ft USB 3}?
  4. well for me i got the money and i might aswell get the deluxe even if theres only a few extras
  5. FYI most routers do not support dual LAN configurations so the only real use is a LAN party. VERY few devices including SD or most memory cards support the >60 MB/s USB 3 which is why I asked, and the Pro has 2 USB 3 headers, and the $65 can be used towards a better GPU or SSD. But I am just talking here...and pointing out costs vs benefits.

    Your rig and it's your way.

    Good Luck! :)
  6. If money was an issue i would deffinately go for pro and i appreciate you pointing out the pros and cons for me. However im getting deluxe even though i may not be able to us some of th features right away like you said.

    Can i just ask you one question. Im very new to pc building but im guessing it dosnt have wifi built in or it would have said. Do i need a wifi card and can you recommend one?
  7. Hmm...Since the money is there I would strongly discourage a Wi-Fi and instead look at Powerline Networking as a better option, the speeds are vastly better and the cost isn't too high.

    In order: Wired, Powerline, and lastly Wi-Fi.

    NETGEAR XAVB101-100NAS Up to 200Mbps

    Wi-Fi - ASUS PCE-N13 IEEE 802.11b/g/n PCI Express
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