Maxtor one touch 4 plus user manual

Hello, where can i find the above manula
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  1. diego delos santos said:
    Hello, where can i find the above manula

    i also found a ton of info from tom's hardware. im here in manila. also found a suitable adapter and usb cable. is the maxtor led light lits on if both the usb and adaptor is plugged? my freind suggested we open the drive and replace it with a casing with its own power adapter and usb connections.
  2. what is the issue you got with that drive
  3. scout a03 thank you for helping. i need to know before i buy the adapter. we plugged the adapter without the usb connection and it wont light up. does this mean the maxtor needs to be plugged in both the usb and power supply before the led lights up?
  4. choose your model on this page they tel you exactly what you need to connect it to the pc
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