GTX275 Makes PC's Unable to Boot

Hi I have a weird issue with my GTX275 not too long ago i installed it in my system (C2D E8400,4GB CORSAIR RAM,GA-G31M-ES2L,TX650w CORSAIR PSU) and the system wont boot at all, no post no anything(but the gpu fan first start at full power an then evens out)... i even tried on a friend's pc and it does the samething... i had a busted video card before but the fan didnt even out and it certainly didnt make the pc unable to boot... what could be causing this? something else that a busted vid card?
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  1. You could try giving it different power rails form the PSU. I had a similar problem when I attached 2 more HDDs on the same rail as my 4890. I had to use another rail (with an adapter) and it booted with no problem.

    If you already tried that, then RMA if you can.

  2. Well i got to try that but the vid card worked fine before... I stored it for 1-2 months and now it does this... I dont think is a psu problem
  3. Not a PSU problem at all, just that PSUs give power in "rails" to components... So, if you used a faulty rail or added another 12V component to the rail it might be causing a power shortage for your video card. If it ain't the case, then you might have a faulty video card indeed 8(

    Hopefully it ain't the case 8)

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