Installation problem with 8400GS video card-Code 10 error

Hi all, and thanks for reading..

I got the TD512EH V116 Ver 2.1 512MB MSI Video card - PCI Express, Nvidia 8400GS based, and installed it in my Windows XP SP3 machine (Pentium D 3.4Ghz, 3GB Ram). After installation there is still a an exclamation mark and message "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" on the device's general tab.

Now what leads me to believe that its not a problem related to the driver nor the video card itself, is that I had a very similar problem when trying to install an ATI PCI express board a few months back (I gave up on that thinking it was just an ATI Related problem, bought a new card, and bingo.. same issue)

I installed the latest device driver from here:
There are no other exclamation marks in device manager.

There are also a few USB devices this PC simply refuses to accept - even one or two simple USB Sticks- 'Device not recognized', I don't know if this is related.

The card only works as a basic VGA Card - when I connect a monitor to it, it displays windows but the video is extremely slow, even simple page browsing in Firefox, are slower than when using the bult in intel graphics of the mainboard, which I Switched off in bios before inserting the card).

I tried updating the driver, both from Windows update (it says it can't find a better driver than the one I have installed) and manually pointing windows to the folder of the MSI driver files directly; it says it takes it but after the process completes, the exclamation mark (and the problem) remains.

There are no other video cards listed under "Display Adapters". I also tried manual scan for hardware changes. I have no other Video cards in the system (nor other PCI Cards at all, in fact).

Attached are screenshots of device manager screens- in the driver instance ID the last few characters (cropped) are &0&0008. The "File details" window shows all the driver files as ok with a green checkmark.
The screenshots:
or if the above link doesn't work:

As mentioned, the General tab says "This device cannot start. (Code 10). "

The Resources tab is saying "The device isn't using any resources because it has a problem". (If its not using any resources how does it display basic VGA functionality even? I know its not the onboard Video card because it is not connected to the monitor). Roll back says of course "no previous driver" because I didn't install any other versions.

many thanks in any assistance in solving this thorny problem.

Of course, tried installing in safe mode, windows restores to last good state, and windows update.

MSI Video Card Model: TD512EH V116 Ver 2.1,
Firmware: NV116 MS111
Driver: Nvidia_258.96_XP
Motherboard: Intel D945GNT (latest bios update installed-NT94510J.86A.4131.EB).
Running Windows XP Pro SP3 in admin account. Pentium D 3.4GHZ, 3GB RAM.
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  1. same problem my friend, i think im gonna rollback my os to sp2 then install the drivers.. i didnt have this problem when in sp2 but then i upgraded to sp3..
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