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My web cam is round like a ball, mostly white. The eye is dark grey as is the top which is in the shape of a mohawk. in the center of that is a white buton. I also have these numbers which might help,
M/N:V-UM14, P/N: 861092-0020, S/N: LNA41732268. Please help
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  1. Well its a Logitech for sure.

    Supports only up to Windows XP though.

    Other than that, I can't find direct drivers.
  2. Definitely a Logitech. The P/N comes up as a Quickcam Messenger. There's a workaround posted HERE if you need drivers for Vista/Win 7. By the looks of it, some have had success. Carefully read through it and decide if that's something you want to try. Good luck.
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