PC3-12800 being read as PC3-8500

Hi all
Been having issues with my new build (getting blue screens and stuff)...amongst my diagnostic tests, running memtest and CPU-Z, I've noticed that my Patriot Sector 7 PC3-12800 - 1600MHZ is showing up as PC3-8500 at 1066Mhz

Sorry if this is a noob question...
what's going on and how can I fix this? Could the fact that my mobo is sensing this wrong be an indication that something is wrong with the mobo?

cpu: i5-2500k
mobo: ASUS p8p67-m
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  1. First off, run Memtest and make sure your ram is good to go.

    Motheboards often default to memory settings lower than what the RAM is meant to run at. I had this happen on my last build. Usually you can just go into BIOS and set everything how it's meant to be. Set the voltage, frequency and timings to factory spec.
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    Don't rely on the Auto settings in your BIOS.
  3. what settings do I need to change?
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    The manual RAM setting are set in the "AI Tweeker" section of your BIOS, which is second from the left in the main section of the advanced BIOS. To get into the BIOS, hold down the DELETE key while your computer posts (that weird beep you hear when you turn on the computer cold).

    Also, I suggest you FLASH your BIOS to the updated current one, that usually means one in the 1000 series (don't load a Beta version!). You get the BIOS update from the ASUS website. This will help with your RAM issue and solve some other little bugs. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, don't. Get a friend or pay a Tech to do it for you. If you screw it up, you could brick your board. I also suggest you read some of the other posts on this forum regarding RAM troubles and Sandy Bridge boards.

    Regarding your specific it on the QVL (Qualified Vendors' List)? If not, it may cause you grief. If it isn't on the list, I recommend you return it and buy RAM that is. The QVL is also located on the ASUS site under the downloads tab for your particular board.

    I hope this helps you. Good luck and all the best.
  5. Maybe that's the problem...?
    Going to ASUS, there is no newer BIOS to even flash (I've done it before on previous systems so that's not a problem) for my specific motherboard (p8p67-M)

    there are newer updates for the ATX version, but not the microATX which I have... Seems ASUS has no love for the microatx because it doesn't even have a QVL listed... (of course there is one for the full atx version sigh)

    I guess I gotta wait till there's more support for my board?
    In the meantime, I'm gonna tinker with the RAM
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