Compatible SSD's for raid?

Hello, i'm currently wondering if i should buy a SSD drive that is currently on sale so i could take it out for a raid for even increased performance(and to have actual games on it so they can boot up much faster I.E: BF3).
So this is the one i have:
and this is the one on a sale:
Are these compatible for raid? my friend is doubting a bit on it.
Do i need an identical SSD?
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    While you do not have to have identical drives for RAID 0 it is preferred, and they should at a minimum be the same size and speed. Not many people around here recommend RAID for SSDs and I agree with that, better to just add the new drive and use it as a program and data drive -- it will speed things up just as much (other than in benchmarks, which are not indicative of real life) and still give you the added space.
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