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Hi, i have an SSD as a boot drive and i have 2 2TB HDD's for storage in RAID-0 setup in windows disk management not in BIOS because i do not want to have my SSD in JBOD and the marvell controller does not support RAID.

I want to know what happens if i want to reinstall windows while having the 2 drives in the array, would loose all information from the array or will windows when reinstalled recognise that it was set up in RAID-0?
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  1. I would backup my data and break the array prior to reinstalling. While a new Windows install SHOULD recognize the drives as being part of an array I wouldn't take the chance. Striping doesn't provide any redundancy so I might review that strategy going forward. If one of those drives fails you are boned. Mirroring would be better (but obviously provides half the space)
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