Old 120gb only shows 62.5gb in my comp

Hi. looked for a min but didn't see anything on this i took the old 120gb hdd out of the wife's busted machine hooked it up in my newer machine and its only showing 62.5gb available in properties i have formatted it but still only shows 62.5 any ideas?

Ok i removed the drive and my d; went as well telling me my other 40gb drive wasn't connected and the 120gb drive is split into 2 drives adding up to 111.7gb . My question now is. How can i combine the 2 parts of the hdd?
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    Yes, if you don't need any data on it just unallocate the partitions and re-partition into one full primary partition. If you do need the data, unallocate the unused partition and then expand the used partition into that space in disk management.
  2. thanks ill try that when i reinstall sp3 hooray mmcbase errors
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