Please make sure this is going to work

Please make sure this is going to work, this is my first build. I have never even swapped a gpu before, but I am going to build my first computer using these parts hopefully. Total is about $1150 with no OS, will be using Windows 7 Home Premium.

-AMD Phenom II 965 3.4GHZ quad (Processor) $185

-XFX ATI Radeon 5870 1GB (Video Card) $400

-MSI 770-G45 (Motherboard) $70

-Lian Li LanCool K62 (Case) $120

-Seagate 500GB SATA (Hard Drive) $55

-6 GB 1333mhz OCZ (RAM) $175

-Lite-On IHDP118-08 (DVD-drive) $35

-Corsair 750TX (Power Supply) $115

Here are a few conflicting thoughts I have about this build

-I do not think 1600mhz ram will work because it has to be 1600oc ram right? Meaning 1333mhz ram o/cd to 1600?

-My motherboard only has a 4-pin power connector, does that make it not as powerful as a 8-pin mobo?

-Should I spend more and get a better mobo?

-Is the 5870 the best card for $400?

Thanks alot - Darshe
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    Fill out form. Link in my sig.

    Off hand
    The optical is too expensive.

    This does the same for $15 less.

    You're really skimping on the mobo. Should get somethign like
    this Gigabyte if you want xfire down the road.

    Link RAM you're buying. OCZ has major issues with certain models of RAM right now.

    RAM speed is determined by block speed and memory ratio.

    For example. Stock i5-750/i7-920/i7-930 is 133. Depending on your memory ratio you can change your memory speed. With a ratio of 10, you fully utilize 1333 mhz memory (133 mhz x 10). No point going above 1333 if you don't plan on OC.

    You'll need to raise the block speed, ex to 200mhz, then lower memory ratio to 8 and you'll use DDR3 1600mhz. (this is a 4ghz/4.2ghz OC btw).

    Yes to mobo question in so much as the CPU gets less power.

    Yes you should get a better mobo.

    Yes $400 5870 is the best, though xfire 4890's will probably give you more outright FPS.
  2. Nothing really to add onto the above posters remarks.

    If you're going above budget with the changes, you can do other stuff like:

    Change your CPU to the 955 with C3 stepping. Pretty much the same as the 965 just with a slightly lower clock. You can overclock it easily to match the 965 clocks or go above.

    You could swap that case out for a cheaper one. The HAF 922, CM 690, Antec 902, and Antec 300 are great for the price.

    Another thing to add on, however, about the ram is that it looks like it'll be triple channel. The AMD CPUs only support dual channel. You'd also save about 50 dollars by swapping that out.

    G. Skill Ripjaws 2x2GB CL 7

    EDIT: Linked items.

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Microsoft Office, Web surfing, high performance gaming

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Ebay, Newegg, wherever the best deal is at.


    OVERCLOCKING: May eventually go crossfire



    OCZ 6GB 1333mhz

    I don't plan on overclocking unless there are unforeseen benefits besides slight performance increases. So I guess 1333mhz is the fastest RAM I can install with no modding?

    I am getting that mobo you suggested! It is not that much more, should be worth the extra dough.

    Thanks alot - Darshe
  4. It is triple channel memory. haha. Boy am I glad that I went ahead and started a thread. I was about to buy all these parts and wait two weeks for them all to arrive, only to find out it wasn't going to be as easy as I expected...! So I can only use DDR2 with this chipset? Or is that something else?
  5. Look at the RAM I recommended. It has a higher clock and lower timings for the same price.

    You can also get the same mobo on Newegg.

    Although I like Ebay, I'm against it when buying computer parts. I mean, the parts you're looking at can be bought on Newegg for either cheaper or the same price.
  6. The 1600mhz ram you recommended had a few reviews that said it wasn't working right with their phenom 965. They said it was running at 1333mhz and was getting some pretty serious errors. The corsair 1333 ram is 5 bucks cheaper on newegg, I think i'll just play it safe unless someone can explain the bad reviews.

    I switched everything I was buying from ebay over to newegg and saved about 80 bucks total! Thanks a lot for giving me the idea, those few extra bucks I was paying on ebay really added up!

    I am switching to a cheaper case... Antec 300

    I figure it should have plenty of features. Now my total cost is down to 1084.09 shipped with no os. My budget was originally $1000 with a 5850 and x4 955, but then I got greedy. :pt1cable: lol

    I'm trying to sell my gaming laptop on ebay, whatever I get for that is my budget.

    So obviously, I may have to make cuts if it doesn't sell very high! :cry:
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  8. This turned out to be one beast of a rig. Thanks everyone that helped! 30-50fps Crysis Very High 1920x1080 no AA!!!
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