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Hey guys im considering buying a Radeon HD5770 and it says it requires a 450W power supply, my question is can i get away with only having a 430W power supply ?

The exact card i want to buy is here:

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. What brand is your power supply?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply :) i believe my PSU is a ThermalTake.
  3. No sorry it is a Thermal take XP 550, couldnt find a more detailed link so heres a picture of it :P
  4. Uhh sorry man, I'd say no, I wouldn't trust that personally.

    Depending on your other pc specs, you *could* try to get lucky but I doubt you should. Do you have the money for a new PSU? What's the rest of your build look like?
  5. The rest of my build is, Core 2 Duo E6400, Currently using a 8600 GTS for my video card, gigabyte 965P-DS3, with 4GB DDR2 Ram, I do have the money to get a new PSU but i wont have enough to pay someone to put it in lol. I just dont trust myself putting one in as i have never done it before.
  6. Well this is why you talk to us :) It's very simple. More simple than putting in the GPU.
  7. Difficulty: Simple
    Time Required: 5-10 minutes
    Tools Required: Screwdriver

    I like this part haha, i just thought Power supply ( Electricity ) + Me = Bad, Thanks for all your help mate i think maybe i will try get away with my current PSU, and if it doesnt work ill get a new one and use the guide to install it!. Thanks again :)
  8. If you need help choosing a psu, just pop the question and there are tons of us here ready to help with that too ;)
  9. Hey I've got a 400w Thermaltake Lite power with a e7300 C2D with a 5770 , No problems at all for me :)
  10. that thermaltake is enough, the 5770 uses less power then a 9800GT, it only needs a 400w PSU.
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