BSOD on Windows install... memory issue?

Ok, so I have this motherboard:
This CPU:
And this RAM:

So I've built this computer, turned it on and it boots fine. I go to install Windows 7, and after it installs to the HD, it goes through the initial setup where it asks for my username, cd-key, etc.

During this time, I randomly get a BSOD. I can't seem to get past this process.

I've noticed that the timing for this RAM is supposed to be 8-8-8-24. When in the BIOS, I hit F5 and it shows it's set to 9-9-9-24

So I'm like, "Hmm I should change it." And I go in and change the timing to what my RAM is supposed to be.

I save and reboot and it beeps, but there's no video.

I reset my CMOS and run memtest, and it give me errors. I've tried both sticks individually with no luck:

What do I not have set right? Are some of my components not compatible?

Other BIOS Screens:

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  1. You got errors when running memtest... Right there that isn't a good sign for the hardware. You can try confirming the voltage is set properly (don't rely on Auto in the BIOS) and see if things are different. ...or bump the ram voltage a LITTLE past the 1.5v spec. G.SKILL Ripjaws Series memory is good stuff, but that doesn't mean it isn't bad.
  2. Is the ram running at its specified voltage?
  3. So the voltage was set to auto, and I couldn't tell what it was setting it to, so I just manually set it to 1.5V. I was able to get past the user creation step and get into Windows, but while I was trying to download my videocard drivers, Windows was saying something like, the system has had an error and needs to shut down.

    So then I tried to set my timing again, and this time I was able to get it to come up after I set the timing. What's weird is, when I hit f5 in the BIOS, it still says my timing is 9-9-9-24 even though I have it set as 8-8-8-24.

    I ran memtest again and it passed without any errors! Wonderful!

    So I figure I'd start from fresh and reinstall windows with these new settings. While it was trying to extract the files it gave me this BSOD and stopped:

  4. If you google that error most hits are memory related, you need to run memtest several passes before you can confirm that the ram is fine.
  5. So I ran memtest on both sticks individually and they're both giving me failing addresses.

    I did notice that memtest was now showing my timing as 8-8-8-24 which is good, but when I go into the BIOS and hit F5, that memory-z thing is still showing 9-9-9-24.

    Do I need to RMA the ram? This is already the second pair of ram that I've gotten. I tried some DDR3 1600 ram and that was giving me the same issue. If I did RMA this ram, should I get a different kind? Shouldn't this RAM be compatible with the system?

    Why would both sticks fail?
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    It could be the memory controller in the chip set on the board that is faulty. It is unlikely that this many sticks are all bad.
  7. rolli59 said:
    It could be the memory controller in the chip set on the board that is faulty. It is unlikely that this many sticks are all bad.

    If this is the case, should I try flashing the BIOS before RMAing the motherboard?
  8. So I ended up RMAing my other ram and will be getting this:

    which uses 9-9-9-24 timing, which my motherboard seems to like. Also, it's actually listed on the MSI website as verified for my motherboard.

    We'll see if this fixes the issue.
  9. Crossing fingers for you! Keep us posted.
  10. I got the new ram in today. I'm still getting BSOD on Windows install. Memtest still throwing errors. :( I guess it's the motherboard?

    What do you guys suggest? I've never had this much trouble getting a machine up and running.
  11. I sent MSI support an email. They asked me to take the motherboard out of the case and try it on a non-conductive surface to test for any grounding issues. I did this, but memtest still gave me errors. I sent the motherboard back to NewEgg and will be getting a replacement. Hopefully it was the motherboard all along.
  12. It works!!!

    I got my new motherboard in today, put everything back together, ran memtest which passed beautifully, installed windows successfully, installed all the drivers with no problem.

    Thanks guys!
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