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OK so i have somewhat of a small hdd it is 160 but windows pationed it as 148 and i need to defrag windows 7 out side of windows to move and optimize the windows files because they are scatted around. smart defrag marks them as unmovable and defragler doesn't show them windows defrag puts more stuff on the hdd like lets say i had 20 gigabytes left all of a sudden after it was done i would have 15 or 10 so i need something that i can run from the bios like the windows recovery disk or what ever it is called i think a live CD i need a live CD defrager any ideas or maybe previous use of one
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  1. Well unfortunately I've been unable to find a live cd that does defragging.

    The alternative solution I saw was to connect your drive to another machine and defrag it that way i.e. don't boot into the drive you're trying to defrag.
  2. i have tried this multiple times yet my drive is still cluttered
    it might be the old installation of my old windows vista, xp and recently two different versions of 7 so maybe i and in the wrong direction what is the best free drive copier and what is the best free drive formatter
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