Acer Sapire SA90 Issue!

Hey folks! new to the forum and hoping beyond hope that this is a solvable issue...

A Powercut hit us and gave us a major issue with our Acer Aspire SA90 - Following the cut, We could only reboot in safe mode...

I have done some scouting and found what the issues may be so went to try all the usual tests - Then finally tried a clean install - BUT then got the error message as it tried to read the Vista DVD "Could not find BOOTMGR"

More scouting suggested this may have corrupted so to try and rebuild... HOWEVER now we could not get the damn PC to boot into safe mode in any form... So could not get the command prompt up...

Followed the rest of the advice to check the cables etc. Which I have...

But now... Things have just got worse! Now when the PC powers on... It starts, HDD starts for about a second then all power dies...

Please god tell me its just a screwed HDD and nothing more serious!!!!
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  1. Could be many things. You could try the drive in another computer to see if your data is still intact. Or boot off a CD (Linux ISO or something like a bootable utility CD) check the boot order in the system BIOS (if you can get into the BIOS).

    You could also have a combination of issues such as corrupted data on the drive AND a defective power supply or motherboard issue. Personally I would pull the drive and verify if it's okay (take it to a tech if you have to and ask if they can access the drive), then start troubleshooting the PC.
  2. Yeah! I think thats what we will be doing - The other option as we are in the UK and my missus is a benefits claiment is to buy a refurbished PC - They sell em for £100, and that will get her back up and running.

    I think that may be the best bet long term... The PC is rather old now so I will recommend that to her.
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