What to do with 2 280s?

Long story short, I have 2 free GTX 280s, Wonderign what to do with them.

Will post story if someone is dying to know.

I'm thinkign sell them, and buy a 4870 X2 to Trifire with my 4870, and use leftovers to buy BC2.
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  1. No.

    I'm buying one this week.

    I was using a 4870 X2 I borrowed form my freind, who was on vaction, but he came back and reclaimed it :(
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  3. Gonna hope for 350$.


    If i'm lucky...
  4. For the record list them separately.

    Most people will only be interested in one.

    I wish I randomly got free graphics cards.
  5. Yeh.

    I got realy lucky :)

    And it makes sense that most people would want to buy anotehr as an upgrade for SLI.
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