Antec 300 - No internal speaker and issues with Scythe Mugen 2

I just bought the Antec 300 because my old case was a POS with zero air flow.

I didn't notice until I finally starting up the computer: Is there an internal speaker? I didn't see the connector for one. If there isn't one, is there something I can use instead? I'd just like to have the beeps because I'm going to try some OCing for the first time and I'd like to have those codes there in case I mess up.

I was going to put a Hyper 212+ on my E6750(a bit excessive, but I wanted to be able to reuse the HSF if I upgrade later) but when I went to Canada Computers they were sold out. The guy that I was talking to there suggested I go with the Scythe Mugen 2 because it was comparable. After getting it put together(my first time putting on an aftermarket was interesting...I don't think I did a very good job). And turning on my computer, I realized that my fan on top isn't spinning. I oriented the Mugen so that the long way was facing up(the picture on the box showed the fan on the side with all of the heat pipes and the guy at the store told me to have the fan parallel to the one at the back but on the far side of the cooler). Should I be putting the fan somewhere else or orienting the cooler differently or is this cooler just too big to fit in this case?
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  1. The Antec 300 does not come with a motherboard speaker. You can get something like this
    or try ebay

    And the Mugen 2 is MASSIVE, it will however fit in an Antec 300 like in this picture. But if your ram has tall heat spreaders then this cooler might block them if you have ram inserted in the slots closest to the heatsink

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