Sigh..can someone help?

Well, I just built my computer and booted it up the first time..everything turns on and runs, but I go to put the CD in to install the OS, and I get "disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter"

I made sure to check all cables on the CD drive and HD. Everything is tight and snug.

HD is connected to SATA2_0 and CD drive to SATA2_1

Made sure to boot from CD first then HD

I don't know what could be wrong, I'm furious. If I have to send back a component because its faulty I'm going to go insane. Cable management took me forever to do and if I have to do it all over..

Any help is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU
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    There are a couple things to try. You can disable all the other boot devices except for your CD/DVD drive. Or you can disconnect your hard drive and any other CD/DVD drives.

    If you have a CD drive, and you're installing off a DVD disc, you'll need to get a DVD drive.
  2. I have a DVD drive so that can't be it, and yes I'm installing off a DVD disc.

    Haven't tried disabling the other devices, there's a GSATA3_0 and _1, should I try plugging the HD into one of those?
  3. It wants you to re-install Windows.
  4. The port you currently have it in will work fine.
  5. Did you do the F12 on startup and select your dvd drive to boot off?
    Do you know for sure the dvd drive is in working order, is it new?
    Do you know your boot disc is also in working order? Yes they can go bad.
  6. I had this problem once on a computer and I had to upgrade the BIOS to get it to boot from CD. However in this case you should try the above suggestions first but it may be worth checking your motherboards BIOS updates to see if this issue is mentioned.
  7. I finally got it to work somehow, even though I had checked my SATA cables from DVD drive and HDD, I don't know how pushing them any harder could have possibly moved them in any further, but I guess that did the trick, I had to push them in a couple times but eventually it magically worked..what a disaster..thanks for all the feedback guys
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  9. Good to hear

    Thanks for the update
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