Radeon 4850 Overheating

Right, so my PC runs pretty stable (55 celsius on load) but while I play GunZ, a game made 6 years ago, my Radeon 4850 overheats while I'm in the LOBBY, which apparently uses 50% GPU power.

IDK if the game is poorly coded or what, but I didn't have these overheating issues in my old case. I then left the Radeon 4850 lying around on my floor for a couple days before I assembled my new system.

I have cleaned out the 4850's fan with a cotton swab, and that lowered the temperature by like 10 celsius. However, when i'm in the lobby I hit 100% celsius. When I alt + tab, I see my temperature dropping to 64 celsius in a matter of 30 seconds
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  1. Check to see if there is a newer driver.
  2. Thanks, but that didn't do anything. I'm thinking it might...be the heatsink? But then again, the heatsink is screwed on by SAPPHIRE>
  3. Open the catalyst control center. Click the ATI overdrive link. Try using the manual settings to increase the video card fan.
  4. The fan was always at 100%
  5. Does this happen in all games?

    If yes, you can try an aftermarket GPU cooler, but you may want to look at the prices of new video cards.
  6. agh =\ is there really no other way? it worked beautifully in terms of cooling in my old case.
  7. What kind of case do you have now? Poor air flow?

    You can try removing the side of your case. That should drop the temps, but I don't know if you'll like that as a permanent solution.
  8. Silly question, but is the fan actually still working? If your fan's been running at 100% for several years, it might just not be up to snuff today.

    Also as aford said, check to see if this behavior occurs in other games.
  9. Happens in all games. To me, it sounds like the heatsink thermal paste has worn out. I mean, if it's 62 degrees celsius on idle, that means the air inside is cool. I've got 7 fans inside, and the processor never goes past 55 celsius on load.

    Sounds like a heatsink issue, right? The moment the GPU starts doing work, it overheats.
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