Windows xp system 32 hal.dll error

When I turn my pc on, I see a black screen that tells me that windows cannot start because the file <windows root>\system32\hal.dll. is missing or corrupt. I went into Bios and changed the boot order so the CD is first on the list. However, when I insert my recovery disc, I get the option of pressing R for recovery. But when I do that, the Compaq logo comes on for a few seconds, but then I get a blue screen that a problem with windows has been detected. It Says PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. It never gets to recovery.

Please help!!!!!!!
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  1. Try booting with just 1 RAM chip at a time to address the blue screen error.

    The hal.dll error will require a windows repair.
  2. can you please tell me exactly how to do that?
  3. Well, for the RAM chip, you just disconnect the computer, and open up the case. Then pry back the ends of the RAM slots, till it pops the chip out.

    For the windows repair, since you have a recovery disc, and not a full version of XP, you'll basically have to reinstall windows to it's original state. Once the blue screen issue is resolved, boot from the disc, and it'll walk you thru the process.
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