LPCM through GTX 470 (LFE Redirection)

It works great but I have one problem. When I configure it to a 5.1 setup and have it connected to my Sony STR-DH800 and I play a Stereo MP3 or anything without a LFE signal I get zero bass. If I set it up Stereo and have my Reciever set to Multi Stereo I get bass that can shake the house. So I got 2 choices. Good bass but only Stereo or 5.1 (or 7.1 when I get more speakers) and a useless Sub when I am playing Stereo content. Is there any system wide application (or setting... or ANYTHING) that will give me way better LFE redirection?
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  1. can you not set the cross over on the strdh800?
  2. Not when the graphics card is sending a 5.1 LPCM signal. The STR-DH800 thinks it is already there. If there was such a setting and I did play something that was 5.1 I would be getting way more bass then I should.
  3. I tried listening to it again and "Bass Management" was an option now under the Enhancement tab. Now I have a slightly less annoying problem. When Bass Management is enabled the volume is locked at 50%. I turn everything to 100% and the green volume bar only goes up 50% of the length of the bar... I disable Bass Management and the green bar fills the whole volume bar.
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