SSD Program Checker?(Health Status for SSD)

Anyone know of a reliable program to check a SSD's current health? I have a OCZ Vertex SSD(one of the very first ones I believe) and I feel as if it's going to give sooner or later, I'm not experiencing any random crashes nor anything of the sort but I was just curious if there was a way to check the "health" of a SSD?
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  1. An SSD has SMART monitoring just like a mechanical drive. Speedfan is one of many programs that you can check it with ( and all kinds of other stuff ).
  2. Some vendors, like Intel provide a SSD toolkit.

    You could check the S.M.A.R.T data with some program.
    The data includes media wearout indicator, total nand writes, uncorrectable error count, etc..

    Speedfan, for instance will display the values, but they are not interpreted well.
    I am certain there are others.
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    Crystal Disk Info will give a status on your hard drives, albeit SSD or not.
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