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  1. How did they scare you away? Could easily see it was $350:-)
    Anyway- they must have gotten some more in then (EVGA's were listed as an ETA of today around lunch time). I knew they would start at Retail, but I figured that after they started selling out instantaneously, as they are, the price would probably start to go up, just like the ATI cards did. It might not go that way, but that was what I was guessing would happen.
  2. Super clocked evga's are in stock again, with free t-shirt. Have to admit, I would love to hit add to cart. But won't. The smart thing I could/should? do is add another 4770 in crossfire, those are 99.99 :)
  3. Well I wanted one, but everyone said that it would be $380+ at launch so I just bought another 8800 GTS 512mb to replace my other one because I got tired of the performance of one 8800 GTS 512mb.
  4. Exactly notty, I almost bought a 5850 for the purpose of hitting 1 GHz, but I couldn't justify it.
  5. I would have done that if I could ahve justified/afforded a 5850:-)
  6. Has amazon had any 470's yet?
  7. $379.99
    + $10,002.75shipping

    haha lol this is what it said on some rippoff website
  8. lol... are they shipping it to the moon and back?
  9. That would be a bargin^

    When Nasa finishes thier shut down, the Americans will need to buy seats from the ruskies for obscene amounts.
  10. Quite so Bob. Still- 10k for shipping is pretty insane. Maybe they're just shipping it from LA to San Diego but going the "around the world" route. lol.
  11. But It can play PhysX games, what a bargin!
  12. lol.
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