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I just re-assembled my PC in order to replace the heatsink, but now the computer won't turn on. My motherboard (P5N32-E SLI Plus) has a green flashing LED when the power cable is plugged in, and the power switch on the PSU (Sweex PS040) lights up, but the power switch does nothing. I have searched the internet and mobo manual, but I can't find a decisive answer to what the flashing LED on my mobo means. Help would be greatly appreciated :).
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  1. When mucking about with the heatsink in a PC it is common that you dislodge the graphics card causing the computer not to boot. Remove the graphics card and refit.
  2. I took the graphics card in and out, as well as unplugged and replugged several power cables, and tried different configurations with and without RAM, but the problem still persists. Any other advice :(?
  3. Figured it out after reading this! http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/226397-12-blinking-power-problem-found-guessed I took out some USB connectors from the case, and now it works :).
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