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So I'm going to be in the process of building a workstation computer. I currently have (2) AMD Opteron 8384 Shanghai quad core processors.

Now, after doing some research, I read that there's 2 versions of the Shanghai processor, an 8384 and 2384. The 8384 is for 4 processor motherboards and the 2384 is for 2 processor motherboards. I have not yet confirmed that an 8384 can work on a 2 processor motherboard, is this possible? I found some motherboards on but not all of them explicitly say if its for 8384 or 2384. Or is it possible to get a 4 processor motherboard using only 2 processors?

Can anyone confirm this or help me with this?
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  1. the 8384 should work on the 2 proc board, its just got something xtra that allows it to work with more than 2 cpus to my nolege
  2. Thanks for your response! but the reverse can't work right? I can't have a 2384 on a 4 socket motherboard right? Also, can I use 2 processors on a 4 socket motherboard?

    Also, some F-socket motherboards specifically say they support 2000-series processors, does that mean it won't work with 8000-series?

    Also, is Tyan a reliable motherboard?
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